Corporate Vision

In order to evolve into an entity suited to the new era, our company looked back onto our history and into its future in May of 2005. Upon such reflection, we have formulated the new Corporate Vision with the perspective to build a consensus among all our employees.

Corporate Philosophy

◎ To our Customers... With the emphasis on the Customer First Policy we are devoting ourselves to be a trustworthy supporter for resolving any issues faced by our customers.
◎ To our Employees... Our company strives to become rich in humanity through realization of a rewarding life and the establishment of a worthy, healthy and safe workplace.
◎ To our Community... We will contribute to the harmonious development of the regional economy and community.
◎ To our Future... Through constant improvement of technology, we will face challenges in new areas to lead into the future.

Areas of Business

About the various markets, such as automotive, maritime, aircrafts, aerospace instruments, construction, machinery, etc...
Internal Combustion Business
Our core business; repair and restoration of engines and the peripheral components
Manufacturing Business
Based on welding technology; design and manufacture of various types of equipment and machinery
Maintenance Business
Based on welding and grinding technology; repair and restoration of manufactured products and peripheral machinery and components
Brand Business
Development and sales of the Horiguchi brand.
Proprietary technology, as well as licensing collaboration

Code of Conduct

◎ Always be mindful of the business (We are all salesmen of our products)
◎ Actively challenge yourself with hard tasks
◎ Improve your strengths (skills) and become a specialist in that field
◎ Develop communication skills
(Assert your opinion, listen to others, and perform your tasks)
◎ Always be mindful of others, and support each other
◎ Contribute to the conservation of regional environment and social development within your powers as a family member and a member of society
◎ Adhere and act fairly in accordance with common sense, the laws and regulations

Technology Declaration

In order to maintain high quality with the manufacture of even better products and repair services...
◎ We encourage the acquisition of certifications for specialized skills
◎ We provide a safe workplace
◎ Strive for a clean, orderly and arranged workplace
◎ Challenge ourselves with new technologies

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